Deal on phthalate-free nail polish!

I’m trying to focus on myself this year, by taking time to work on my appearance. I tend to dress like a college kid, with funky shoes and little makeup. One of the easiest fixes is nail polish. A little color on my nails is enough to make me feel fancy, and encourage me to dress up my wardrobe a little too!

If you like fun nail polish, in incredible colors, check out this week! Through January 13th, they’re running a promotion for three free bottles of any nail polish (other than the new spring line.) Just enter the code ZOYA2013 at checkout with three bottles in your cart. I’ve never tried Zoya nail colors, so what better way than a free sampling of three colors? You do have to pay shipping, which was $10 for all three bottles. That’s about what I’d spend on a bottle of O.P.I. at a salon, so, not bad.

I’m please to see that Zoya nail products are free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor. It can’t be a bad thing to put less toxins on my body. I went with Cola, Katherine, and Frida. So excited about the fun teal Frida, it’s a jelly polish which is my favorite style these days. I’ll have to report back with a review once I receive these nail colors from!


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