Right now at my grocery store, California Pizza Kitchen large pizzas and Haagen-Dazs ice cream have instant rebate coupons for $3 attached. I buy one frozen pizza a week for that night when I just can’t stomach (ha ha) the idea of making dinner, and I love California Pizza Kitchen BBQ Chicken pizza. Just for […]

I lucked out on my weekend grocery trip to Meijer this weekend. All clearance clothing was reduced an additional 50%, which made for some crazy savings! I found a winter coat, snow suit, and light jacket for my son in what his size should be next winter – for a total of $18.75, including tax. […]

As far as children’s clothing goes, I think of most of it as disposable. Stains, holes, you name it – I’ve seen it. There are a few brands that really hold up, through multiple children’s wear and tear, and in classic style. Tea Collection is top of mind when it comes to high quality children’s […]

I’m trying to focus on myself this year, by taking time to work on my appearance. I tend to dress like a college kid, with funky shoes and little makeup. One of the easiest fixes is nail polish. A little color on my nails is enough to make me feel fancy, and encourage me to […]

I got a fantastic deal on underwear at Gap today! They are running a promotion in stores this weekend – I received an e-mail that said additional 25% off sale and clearance, but at my store it was actually an additional 50% off regular Gap clearance, and an additional 40% off Gap Body. I had […]